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Performing in Life and Sport
Tools to assist your Planning and Time Management:
If you would like to access the Excel versions of these documents so you can modify them for your needs, please email developingchampions@wais.org.au and we will send them through to you!
Sleep is the most important tool for recovery. Without including the extra time that may be needed because of your training load, the average hours of sleep recommended for each age group are set out in this chart:
Injury Prevention and Management
Injuries are a part of sport at all levels. Learning what you can do to try and prevent injuries occurring and learning how to manage injuries when they do occur is essential for all athletes.
Sports Medicine Australia have created a number of resources which provide both sport specific and injury specific information.
Individual Sport Fact Sheets
Integrity in Sport
Access the WADA Prohibited List:
Use these sites to Check Your Substances:
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