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Social Media and Success in the South West
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Communicating with School and University
Communicating clearly with your School or University about your sporting commitments is the best way to ensure that you manage the balance between your sport and studies. Below are some templates of letters that you can utilise to be on the front foot in providing information to your School or University.
Across Australia there are 39 Universities that are a part of the Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) program. This program aims to support elite athletes in achieving academic excellence while also pursuing a sporting career. All 5 of the Universities in Western Australia are a part of the program, their contact details can be accessed here.

Social Media
In our workshops we talk about how to use social media to benefit your sporting career, but also the pitfalls and dangers to avoid. The Australian Federal Police have produced a very useful guideline for helping to manage your social media accounts in a safe way.
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