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On the Right Pathway to Success: Hockey workshop
30 May 2012
The scene was set for a positive experience.
by Andrea ("Gilly") Gilmore
Walking into the Perth Hockey Stadium I could sense a great deal of excitement and energy as the many athletes took to the fields for their weekly match play on a fresh Wednesday evening. On arrival at the clubrooms it was clear this buzz was going to continue through the night, with a bubbly group of male and female under 18 and under 21 State Hockey players joining myself and Kate (Bobridge, program coordinator) for the Understanding Me and Managing Me modules.
Being an evening session, with a few athletes having just played full games outside, you would have expected a more reserved group of athletes. However, following a few lolly bribes (in moderation of course!) to get the chatter started, the athletes began to open up and throw themselves into the conversations about dealing with confidence and mood issues. Many of the athletes had stories to tell about their own preparations for competition, which showed a great understanding of themselves as athletes.
Next Kate covered stress, and the many stressors which might come into play in the future for these athletes. As many of the Hockey players were attending university or still finishing school this hopefully would prove to be a valuable lesson for them as their commitment to Hockey increases alongside the demands of their study. Kate’s own iPod was used in order to demonstrate that music could be a beneficial tool in stress management, and going by the crowd’s reaction, her taste in music was very acceptable as there was no One Direction to be found!
Following the discussion on stress we covered time management and dealing with expectation. Both Kate and I were happy to hear that nearly all the athletes used diaries to stay on top of their commitments and stay organized. As a talented bunch of athlete students it was clear these guys were on the right track to getting the most out of their sporting and academic careers.
Being an Olympic year there will be plenty of opportunities for these athletes to see their role models in action, hopefully inspiring them on to bigger and better things. They are certainly a proactive group of hockey players who lead well balanced lifestyles. There is no doubt that if they continue to work hard, as they are now, it could possibly be a few of these guys that the next generation of hockey players are looking up to. Good luck to each and every one of them.
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