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Elbows up: Netball Developing Champions Workshop
17 November 2012

Netball WA FOUNDATION ELECTIVES Workshop 17/11/2012
story by Fiona Boyce

Today I had the pleasure of presenting with Jesse Phillips (Olympic Kayaker) to the up and coming netball stars of the future.
We started with a ‘Supporting My Athlete' information session for the parents, where we gave advice as to what our parents do to help us be the best athletes we can be and how best to support their children as they start on their journey of elite sport.
Following this, we began our workshop with 12 budding young netballers, who were a pleasure to work and interact with. We covered three modules:
1. Communication
2. Me; You; Everyone
3. Mental Skills for My Performance.
In the Communication module, the girls had great fun with some activities that taught them the importance of using the right mode, tone and type of communication. We talked about giving as much information as possible, how to choose the correct mode of communication and applying the right type of communication at the right time.
After a short break (and continuous eating from the girls after a hard training session), we looked at the Me; You; Everyone module and how to know yourself and be yourself within a team environment, but also to allow and embrace other people's differences and allowing teammates to be themselves.
After another break (and more eating by the girls!) we looked at the Mental Skills for My Performance module and in particular how to control and limit stress and its effect on your sport. The girls were very communicative and talked through how they often felt in new situations and different stresses they have during games and tournaments. We had great discussions about early preparation and the use of mental imagery and visualisation to reduce stress levels and increase performance.
The girls were a great group to work with. Good luck to those girls who made the final selection for the WA Under 17 team. You were a fantastic group of athletes and we will hopefully see a couple of you develop into sporting champions in the near future!
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