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Equestrian Workshop: Putting Knowledge Into Practice
9 December 2012


Equestrian WA FOUNDATION CORE workshop, 9th December 2012
story by Olivia Vivian
On Sunday the 9th of December 2012 I attended a Developing Champions workshop at the State Equestrian Center in Brigadoon. The workshop was run by Amber Bradley and included eight member of the Jets State Equestrian program.   It was my first time helping out at one of these workshops and apart from enjoying myself; I learned a few things along the way.
There were a few issues with the length of the workshop, but Amber did a great job of fitting all the information into the time constraint. I thought she was a very clear and powerful speaker. I think the athletes were more engaged because she’s an athlete and they can relate to what she’s talking about.   It would be great to see a few more examples on how the riders could apply this new knowledge to their daily lives, and a few more practical exercises so they can visualise the most successful way to help them along their career.  The session was however shortened so I understand why there weren’t as many examples given this time around.   And as they continue through the program, and working with their coaches back in their normal environments, hopefully these athletes can learn to apply their knowledge.
I agreed with all the information that was provided and it was also a good reminder for me to apply to my own sporting schedule. I could tell that the athletes were excited and could understand why this information would be helpful to them also. They seemed like a really excited and motivated group.
This was my first time really interacting with athletes from equestrian, which made things very interesting. I learnt a lot about how their sport operates and it was very cool and mind blowing to think about how they have to control their horse's mind in some respects also.   I come from a sport where all I have to control is my own actions, so it’s fascinating to think how these athletes have to control that of another creature for peak performance in their sport.
Overall I thought the workshop is set up really well and I believe the information is helpful to those young athletes that want to reach a goal that is excellent and outstanding.  I wish them all the very best of luck with the equestrian careers.
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