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Squash Squat Hold Championship
18 January 2013

Squash WA Developing Champions Workshop

story by Fiona Boyce











Today Amber Bradley and I had the pleasure of running a session with the Squash WA developing champions. We focused on Managing my Body, Mental Skills for My Performance and A Positive Me.

The group were very interactive and willing to chat through issues, but also listened very well after they were given the threat (and subsequent action) of a five minute wall squat to anyone who talked over a presenter. This made for an entertaining session!

We began with Managing my Body. In this segment we looked at how to warm-up and prepare for a session well and what tools and types of stretching to use for a cool down and recovery. We also looked at dealing with injuries and nutrition and when and what to eat before, during and after each session.

Following this we looked at Mental Skills for my Performance. During this module, we discussed the use of visualization and imagery in sport and found that only one of the group members used visualization. This prompted a discussion around how to use it best, the benefits of its use and the fact that closing your eyes and visualizing yourself doing something does not make you a crazy person! We then talked about routines pre and post training sessions and games and encouraged everyone to establish one.

After a quick break, we went onto A Positive Me. Here, Amber and I discussed being in the right frame of mind generally and particularly in relation to sport. We began this module with a fun game of celebrity heads using current and past 'role models'. We then looked at why these people were role models and how each athlete could define the person they are and who they strive to be.

We ended the session with everyone writing down some goals and one particular, measurable thing that each person would change in a set time period. It was really interesting to hear what everyone focused on and hopefully everyone will keep their friends accountable to their goals!

Thank you to Squash WA, Sue and all the attendees for a great session. All the best for the future and we look forward to following your progress as you develop into sporting champions!

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