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Baseball & Softball Workshop: the body, the mind & the athlete as a role model
19 March 2013


Baseball & Softball FOUNDATION ELECTIVE workshop
story By Olivia Vivian 

Tonight Jesse Phillips ran the workshop with myself chiming in as the athlete sidekick so to speak. The program covered three major topics including the body, the mind and the athlete as a role model.

All three areas covered hot tips and plans that are vital in the career plan of an athlete who wishes to be the best they can be. I only wish that I got the opportunity to have these tips spoken to me earlier on in my own career.

Jesse spoke incredibly well, in a way that broke down the meaning to each point throughout the slides. His charismatic but firm nature towards the kids was professional, informative and relatable to the selected audience. You can’t help but notice his passion and believe towards the program and the material he was covering.

The selected athletes had mixed engagement signals. Some kids you could tell were listening and taking in the information, others were more focused on their phones or acting in ways which suggested they aren’t fully committed towards advancing a great deal in their selected sport.

The majority weren’t exactly willing to dive into the activities at first, but they progressed to a point where they were more comfortable answering questions and engaging in discussion.

Overall I really enjoyed the experience with Jesse and I think the material being offered to these aspiring athletes is so helpful towards their sporting and life goals. I’m borderline jealous they have the opportunity to hear it from accomplished athletes themselves as I never got those kinds of opportunities when I was younger.

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