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Finding the motivation to improve: Swimming WA workshop
25 May 2013

Swimming WA ADVANCED CORE workshop
story by Olivia Vivian
It’s always a pleasure to work with athletes coming up in the elite program of their sport. Having been there myself, it’s easy to relate with the issues that they are facing in their career and being able to give the right advice on how to move through it.   Working with swimming was interesting because I have a huge amount of respect for the type of workouts they go through morning and afternoon each day. Coming from a sport with a variety of apparatuses and skills, I can’t imagine what it must be like to tirelessly swim for hours staring at a black line.
Saying that, a standout issue raised by these students, was about motivation to improve every training session.  Together, the athletes came up with solutions on how they can catch themselves mentally when they feel like they are just going through the motions on a tough day.
A good idea was to challenge them to make up time in the next set if they were behind on the first, or to try swim faster than the person next to them.   Most athletes understand how hard it is to get through a training session when the body or mind is overstressed and tired. Saying that, it’s important for one to recognise when they are starting to give up and to focus on technical improvements to their movements so they can still come away from the session having improved on something.
Certainly this is the key to long term improvement, making small, but significant improvements on a continual basis. Just 'going through the motions' isn't going to get us to the Olympic games, or wherever we are aiming to go!
Good luck to all the swimmers in their endeavours, here's hoping they all have enduring success.

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