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Racing to the top: Rowing, Canoeing, Cycling workshop
26 May 2013

Rowing, Kayak and Cycling FOUNDATION CORE workshop
story by Olivia Vivian
No matter how old you are as an athlete, it’s always good to be reminded of the core development tools. Even as an older, more experienced athlete I find myself taking away important lessons from every workshop, no matter what stage it is.   Although these athletes in today’s workshop were older teenagers, it was good to see them engage themselves in the material and come up with good goals in their own careers.   Goal setting is so crucial to any elite athlete if they wish to reach their top potential. It helps remind us everyday on the little things we need to do to reach our destination.
Calendar planning and goal setting was a top focus in today’s workshop and very necessary for these athletes who are balancing their schooling/working lives with sport. You can eliminate worry outside of the training session by planning when other tasks need to be done in a weekly/daily schedule. This enables them to put their full focus into that session so they can get the most out of it.   This is a common skill performed by all of the top athletes, so it’s good for these younger athletes to turn it into a habit earlier on in their sporting careers.
Once these practices become learned skills, they can reduce or eliminate some of those lifestyle stressors that athletes experience and allow them to more freely focus on the important job at hand - training and competing at their peak, with full concentration!
Good luck to this group of athletes - a lively group full of enthusiasm and passion which I'm sure will see them go a long way in their respective sports.

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