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Developing Hockey Champions!
18 May 2013

Hockey WA FOUNDATION CORE workshop
story by Hannah Jansen

On Saturday 18th May, twenty or so up-and-coming state level hockey players attended the Developing Champions workshop led by myself and lead facilitator Jessie Phillips (London Olympian). The agenda for the morning included the modules ‘Understanding and Managing Me’ and ‘My Pathway’. I was very keen to learn a little more about the sport of hockey and what it means to be a young hockey player, as my sport of rowing is vastly different.

The group was an enthusiastic bunch who were obviously eager to learn and listen. I was particularly impressed with their posters that they made of what they thought a champion in sport represented; we saw some very inspiring quotes and images.

A large focus for the workshop was on things that internally could make a positive or negative impact on our sport and how to identify those things and use them as our strengths. Things such as mood state, stress and confidence are all very closely related, so to give the young athletes a way of coping with these different things will hopefully be advantageous to their performance. I wish I had started learning these strategies at their age!

To finish off the workshop, we spoke about ‘My Pathway’, i.e. steps towards success. This included goal setting in SMART way, that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound goals that are continuallyevaluated and reassessed.

In the few hours that we spent with these athletes they showed a lot of passion and enthusiasm. No doubt with a fair bit of hard work, they have the capacity to become hockey champions!

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