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South West all sorts and sports workshop
19 May 2013


South West Academy of Sport ADVANCED CORE workshop
story by Amber Bradley

Apparently you learn something new every day. And on Sunday 19th May - whilst presenting a Developing Champions workshop in WA’s South West - Kate Bobridge and I learned about the unusual sport of Underwater Hockey.

Six Underwater Hockey players were amongst the group of young athletes in our care. The other athletes came from a variety of sports, including swimming, tennis, hockey, BMX, surfing and cricket.

Developing Champions aims to help young up-and-coming athletes reach their goals, both on and off the sporting field, so it is truly wonderful to see the program reaching out to athletes of all sorts and sports.

All the athletes who took part in the program that day spoke of their great passion for their sport and their upcoming interstate and overseas competitions.

It is my belief that passion and consistent effort will take you to wherever you want to go in life, so listen to your hearts and follow your dreams.

Good luck to all the young athletes from the South West!

 Amber gets the athletes blood pumping as she crosses over into PT mode temporarily!
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