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Developing Champions Workshop - Squash
22 April 2013

Monday 22nd April, Advanced Core Workshop

story by Olivia Vivian

Today’s workshop with the squash program was probably one of my favourites. Not only did Kate do an amazing job leading the program considering her night of sleep before (due to migraine - not being up partying!), but the kids all seem engaged and really responsive to the material.

This was the student’s second workshop and it was clear that they still carried some knowledge from the core program.

One segment that stood out was when the athletes were asked what THEY wanted to learn in this session. All groups mentioned stress control, which was great because it was in the line up of material covered.

Something interesting and new to me, considering I come from a sport that peaks at a young age, was the priority list. All except one listed education as their number one priority, where as sport has always been my number one. This is where I had to adapt and consider suggestions on how they can manage their time outside of sport so they can take care of their education and still focus to their sport in the training times given.

I really enjoyed this group and appreciated how eager they were to learn the material. They asked many questions directly to me at the beginning which was great because I like to give as much advice as I can considering I have lived through a wide range of sporting and life challenges.

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