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Combined Communication
22 September 2013
Triathlon WA and Water Polo WA Foundation Elective workshop
Sunday 22 September 2013
story by Olivia Vivian, WAIS Gymnast & Workshop Co-facilitator
It was great to see dedicated Triathletes and Water-Polo players giving up their Sunday morning to further their careers in elite level sport. Even though I’m a well-seasoned athlete, every time I assist in these sessions I always find myself getting something helpful out of them.
When communication was brought up I found myself reflecting on how important this subject really is. It’s commonly looked over and underestimated but in reality, we wouldn’t get anywhere without it.
A stand out point was how to deal with people you don’t necessarily like. Fact is, at some point in our career we are going to come across a team member, coach, judge, official ect that we won’t like. It’s how you deal with that obstacle that’s going to be the make it or break it in your success rate.
One good suggestion was to look for something you respect in this person. Even if there are many things you dislike, find something that impresses you and always speak friendly and kindly regardless of your feelings towards them. Having good communication skills will help build that relationship so you can get the most out of your life and sporting goals.
Another topic that struck well with the kids was mental training. When it comes to an elite level competition, the difference isn’t going to be in the physical abilities, but the mental. When asked how much mental training they do, the results were way off what they needed it to be.
Mental training is critical for competitions and I believe the athletes got some good tips as to how they can practice and improve their mental training.
Despite some fatigue and chattiness, I think the group connected well when the activities came around and got some good insight as to how important communication and mental training can be.
All in all it was a Sunday morning full of lessons and knowledge!
Group activity - Jiorja, Cambell, Kurt
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