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Surfing to Success
5 October 2013


Surfing WA Foundation Elective workshop
Saturday 5th October 2013
story by Olivia Vivian, WAIS Gymnast & Workshop Co-facilitator


This past weekend I had the privilege of working with some up and coming champion surfers, in a workshop highlighting communication, relationships and mental skills.

Right from the start these kids were clued in, enthusiastic and keen to take in all the information being offered to them.

It was a new experience for me giving advice to a sport that doesn’t have the Olympic games, but like any athlete, there is always a pinnacle point in their career they wish to reach.

It many ways I can relate to some aspects of surfing as both our sports rely on the judges scores. Having to wait and deal with the opinions of someone else to determine your placing is a tricky mental task but it was refreshing being able to relate to these kids on that level.

One topic I found was discussed heavily was mental skills in regards to mental training.

The information given on mental training is extremely helpful to any sport. I wish I had these workshops while I was coming up through my younger days. I am a firm believer in mental imagery and practicing your skills, techniques and desired outcomes in your head.

If the athletes got anything out of the workshop, I do hope it was how important and beneficial mental training can be for your career, not just in sport but outside as well.

Surfing WA Group Photo


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