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Baseball & Softball story
6 November 2013

Facilitator Jesse Phillips in "ACTION"

The Advanced Core group of athletes from Baseball and Softball rounded out at around 30. 

There was a great interest shown by the group, and after a little coercing the boys starting talking and got involved as well, much to their enjoyment. 


The art of these two exciting sports is embedded within the values that has become synonymous with some of life's greatest virtues. 


Teamwork - working effectively in a team make's each athlete's role clearer and more simple to execute. 

Discipline - ensuring you get to bed at an hour which is dictated by the hour you must wake to prepare for your sporting performance; this also shows respect for your team. 

Communication - listening is the first prize in communication, as you learn more by listening than by talking; clarity and truth are critical elements to success in this area. 

Leadership - taking charge in moments of concern (a lapse in concentration, a dropped catch) should not be underestimated; it takes someone with steely nerves and wit. 


All worthy and vital skills to cultivate on and off the sporting field of play for any level of athlete. 


These are areas which can be practised in everyday training and weekly competition and should be seen as elements to lift one's own performance standard. 

Story by Jesse Phillips, WAIS Kayaker, Olympian.

 Group one-legged seated squat
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