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Sailing toward Success: Yachting WA
14 December 2013
story by Olivia Vivian: WAIS Gymnast
Where was the best place to be on Saturday December 14th? Why in a Developing Champions Foundations Core Workshop of course! When participating in your first Developing Champions workshop, it can often be a wake up call to your own desires and dreams. Throughout the seminar, the athletes are asked to dig deep and look into their own goals and find a pathway along which they can make them possible.  A crucial part of this foundation workshop is asking the athletes what is their idea of a champion? We then take the good ideas, add a few others and challenge them to apply that to their own careers.
Australia as a country has been very successful in Sailing throughout the past, so these juniors are very fortunate to have such role models they can look up to. But without goals of their own, their paths to success won’t lead them very far in sport.  Once goals and ideas of what it takes to be a champion are created, the athlete can then apply that to their own sporting career and lifestyle habits. The most important factor is the athlete’s personal drive and motivation to make it happen.
These workshops can help construct and lay out the easiest paths to success, but it’s the athlete’s job to drive them there by checking off all the steps along the way....
"An athlete cannot run with money in their pockets. They must run with hope in their hearts and dreams in their head.” –Emil Zatopek

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