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First Impressions: Softball/Baseball
4 February 2014

story by Olivia Vivian; WAIS Gymnast, Olympian



You only ever get one shot to make a first impression. And in sport, someone’s impression and opinion of you can mean the difference between making selections, impressing a judge, inspiring another, leading a team or not. This is why it critical for any athlete or social figure, to always show good manners, a champion behaviour and a positive attitude.


In the recent Softball/Baseball workshop we discussed the importance of portraying yourself in a positive way, especially in the lights of social media.


Sometimes it’s harder for the older generation to understand, but these younger athletes know no different to the technological world of their iPhones. It was clear when they could barely stay off them for a whole 50 minutes in between breaks.


Back when I was their age I was too embarrassed to pull my mobile out. I had a brick Samsung that had a digital tango ringtone, as it was one of five-tone choice offered on the phone’s database.


Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are everyday outlets for these athletes and that’s why it was necessary to inform them on the possible pros and cons. They can all be powerful tools to advertise oneself on a personal and athletic level but they must be aware of the risks and possible consequences to their actions.


Privacy is something hard to come by these days and it’s important to keep in mind that media can get a hold of almost everything you post online. You make think something is gone if you delete it, but it will remain on the database forever. And every Snapchat you send is stored on the company’s records and it automatically becomes their property, as you agreed to in the terms and conditions you probably didn’t read.

For information on responsible Social Media management, visit the web site www.THINKUKNOW.org.au

Bottom line is that as an athlete, you are automatically looked up to more than others. So be conscious of how you may portray your image to others and what impression you leave behind.

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