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Kayaking/ Rowing/Cycling Workshop
22 February 2014

story by Olivia Vivian, WAIS Gymnast, Olympian


On Saturday February 22nd, I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to hold a workshop than at Ascot Kayaking Club.  Due to the hot weather I was pretty tempted to just jump into the water to cool off a little. But instead we had to keep to the meeting room and get down to business.


Given the three specific sports that were present in this workshop, I found the topic surrounding self-image and positive promotion was relevant.


Kayaking, Rowing and Cycling are all sports for which sponsorship is a possibility and can be extremely beneficial to an athlete’s career. Take kayakers Jesse Phillips and Steven Bird for example. Through positive athlete profile building and a hard working reputation, they have partnered up a generous sponsorship with a very successful business. This financial support allows them to put more time and effort into their kayaking careers so they can achieve their goals.


This wouldn’t have been possible if they didn’t promote themselves in a positive light with a strong desire to achieve greatness in their chosen sport. Things would be very different if they had a bad reputation and portrayed little interest in doing all the right things to become a champion.


As an athlete, you are always being watched and looked up to by others. Even when you think no one’s watching, you are always representing yourself, your club and your sport.


We live in a ‘Big Brother’ society, with all the social media and technology; it’s very easy for people to see what you get up to. That’s why it’s crucial to act in a way you want people to remember you by, even when you think no one’s looking.


Social media outlets can be damaging to one’s reputation if caught doing something they shouldn’t be, but you can also use them to promote yourself the way you want to be seen. It’s a powerful tool so make sure you are only posting, or posing in things you want the world to see. Once something goes out on the Internet, it can never be taken back!

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