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Stress Less Surfers
4 April 2014


story by Olivia Vivian, WAIS Gymnast, Olympian


With a busy town, and the Margaret River Masters Pro Surfing competition happening just down the road, it was a perfect morning to hold a Surfing WA workshop in the beautiful location of Margaret River.


In the well-hidden karate club, we gathered to discuss the more specific steps towards success the Advanced Core workshop has to offer. As per usual, Lead Facilitator Jesse Phillips did a fine job of keeping the athletes engaged and well entertained throughout.


It was great timing that the surfers were all participating in a competition the following morning so I believe this exercise was a good reminder for them on how to properly prepare for the next day.


We had them write out their motivation for this competition and what was their desire to strive for success in this event. We also had them write out a couple of preparation plans for how they were going to give themselves the greatest chance for a successful competition.


It was great to read a few of these out so everyone could hear the sorts of thoughts other were having for their big comp. Their motivations ranged all the way from "Feeling happy with my performance", to more specific goals such as  "completing my full turn".


90% of the surfers wrote preparation notes such as "Get eight hours of sleep, drink lots of water and watch the surf for 30 minutes before my comp”, which was good knowing they are being specific and smart about their choices.


Knowing what motivates you and what you have to do to give yourself the greatest chance of success is all good and well, but it really helps if you start writing that down so it becomes more than just a nagging thought in your brain. Writing it down helps remind you of what you’re doing it for and it holds you more accountable for your actions, which we can all benefit from.


By having a carefully constructed action plan towards your goals, you will have less stress worrying how you’re going to get there. The less you are worrying about the stresses, the more you can focus on the important details to help you be successful in your sport!


Stress Less Surfers!

Jesse Phillips (Lead Facilitator), Olivia Vivian (Co-facilitator) and the Surfing WA crew smiling happily after the workshop.

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