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One of the Best: WA state Hockey workshop
15 November 2014
Hockey WA Foundation Elective workshop: 15 November 2014: Perth Hockey Stadium
story by Olivia Vivian (WAIS Gymnast: 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships)
We touched on Communication and Mental skills, as well as Positivity during the workshop today.
One of the key messages in Communication were the points on 'Listening' and how it's important to be there for the person talking to you, and not just flip the conversation around to focus on you. Being a team sport, you rely on your whole support system, not just team mates, but coaches, physio, managers, friends and family. It's one thing to have a dream and goal in sport, but it takes the whole village to help get you there so communication is a key factor in making sure your journey is a smooth as it can be.
Another highlight was seeing the hockey athletes participate in mental imagery and training. When I first started visualisation sessions I found it extremely difficult to remain focused on what I was trying to picture. My mind would tend to wonder in all sorts of direction and it took me a few years to get better at this skill. When executing a visualisation activity in this workshop, everyone was fully committed and invested in the task being asked of them. We had them close their eyes and visualize certain places and scenarios. They were just brilliant and I was so impressed, knowing how tricky it can be.
The workshop came together nicely and I really enjoyed the relationship these young hockey players have with one another, and their spirit towards getting better in their chosen sport!!
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