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Cricket Workshop- the next Kim Hughes, D K Lillee or Justin Langer?
7 October 2014


Cricket story by Jesse Phillips (WAIS Kayaker)

The WACA is an eerie and exhilarating space when empty, but I also felt honoured to be in a space where so many amazing sporting moments have come to pass. Like Matthew Hayden’s 380 run world record against Zimbabwe in October 2004 and the Fremantle Dockers getting whipped by most teams that flew across to the West – I bet most reading wouldn’t remember when the WACA was used for AFL. That was when I was a boy.

So with such an inspirational environment we commenced the session in the Kim Hughes Room, see what I mean, inspirational!

Thirteen strapping boys removed their pads and helmets and replaced their bats with pens to consider the foundations of a sporting career – at least those skills that most don’t see on the field.

These young cricketers of the future showed some of what they were like away from the pitch was which nice to see, their personalities being tempered by the challenge of gaining a better understanding of their own skills away from the game.

We got involved in a few activities that brought more life out of the group and it was great to see the support and acceptance of each others differences throughout the workshop.

The group knew the deep challenges that are set before them as they venture towards their career aspirations – the WA cricketing dynasty soaked in all its history and glory.

Were they set to become the next Kim Hughes, D K Lillee or Justin Langer?

Time will tell for most, but least to say that they all have a fighting chance after having put the through the basics on: time management, self awareness under pressure and optimal performance states.

I look forward to continued interaction with these players and hope I can help excel the vital qualities to ensure they seek out their best!

Until next time! 

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