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Different Success Journeys: Athletics WA workshop
8 November 2014
Athletics WA Foundation Core  workshop: November 8, 2014: WA ATHLETICS STADIUM
story by Jesse Phillips, Olympic Kayak, WAIS Athlete
Athletes of the track and field variety can often be hard to read – sometimes outspoken, sometimes reserved. I say that having met many athletes in a variety of sports, generally with subtle differences in archetypes. I found the group of budding stars of the iconic athletic pursuit nothing short of inspirational in their collective endeavours. Whether it was cracking the next time barrier or clearing that next height - it was the endeavour to do so that drove these athletes to train and compete at their best.
What is your next target?
I am halfway through my shoulder rehabilitation program, integrating back into a full load of training. The target is set for Olympic Qualification at the World Championships in Milan (August 2015). First step along the road is first selection mid-February 2015. So my eyes are focused.   We can get caught up in the hunt for an ever-renewing target – whether it is in the sporting world or a career path. Once we achieve one thing we move onto the next. Whatever is next on the agenda governs our present moves, and if the drive is strong enough and we work hard enough, that magnetic pull take us to a prize.
How often do we stop to reflect on the way, about what we aim to achieve?
Is it to prove we are better than others? Or is it more about being better than our past self? Or is it for a more external reason – to beat her/him, to wear the tracksuit, etc.?  It is wise to consider these questions from time to time, along with what we give along our journey – not just what we get/achieve. We can find and measure the amount we give to our environment – whether that is negative or positive. Whether that is a "well done” to a fellow athlete on a great personal breakthrough, or a "thank you” directed at a voluntary official.  There are other ways to measure these ‘other’ pursuits; many people are measured on achievements but what if you considered the way you achieved, whether you created a legacy within your pursuit. Contributing to the environment (which directly relates to your legacy) that nurtures our sporting dreams as athletes only helps to continue the creation of goals for future athletes. Are you a role model that you would have looked up to at a younger age?
So if there was one thing I learnt after reflecting on the workshop with the Athletics WA group, it is that we as athletes and as citizens of this world are all unique in our quests – and we ALL have a shared role to make our journey great not just for ourselves but for those around us, sharing in the journey.
Until next time!
Jesse Phillips, 2012 Olympian
  @mrjessephillips facebook.com.au/doubledownunder
 Listening in on Jesse's experience!

 Looks like you're working hard! Excellent.
TPP all the way!
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