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Swish, Swoosh & Stab: Fencing WA workshop
14 December 2014

Fencing WA Foundation Core workshop, 14th December 2014, Department of Sport & Recreation WA
story by Olivia Vivian (WAIS Gymnast: 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships)


Being an athlete mentor, I have the pleasure of meeting and assisting a bunch of athletes from all sorts of sports. Working with a group of talented fencers, I had my eyes opened to a whole new sport and the different pathways their squads go through. After talking about my recent Commonwealth Games experience, I learnt that Fencing have their very own Commonwealth Games as they aren’t included in the mainstream one. That was interesting to learn and a good target for these athletes to strive towards.
Even though certain aspects and pathways differ from sport to sport, there are quiet a few we all have in common. What I believe to be the most common and important in ALL sports is the habit of setting goals and possessing the necessary determination to get there.
This task is highlighted very well in the foundation workshop that these athletes participated in. Writing out your goals and process goals is the first step in making them a little bit more realistic. It also gives you visual stimulation and motivation to hold yourself accountable throughout your journey to being a great athlete in your selected pathway.
The great thing is that it can contain other goals outside sport and little daily/weekly/monthly steps on the way. It helps reduce stress, produce motivation and accountability and makes your dreams and goals just a little more realistic than what they were just floating around in your mind. Make sure you put your written goals and process goals up somewhere you will see them every day.
Olivia celebrating at the recent 2014 Commonwealth Games
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