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The Team Exceeds The Grounds
15 December 2014
WA Cricket Advanced workshop, 15th December 2014, WACA Grounds.
story by Olivia Vivian (WAIS Gymnast: 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships)

I’ve done a few Developing Champion workshops, but I have to say it was pretty awesome to run one in a room that overlooked the beautiful WACA grounds.


Having just finished a training session, it was good to see that dinner had been arranged for this group of junior male cricketers. Right off the bat the boys were given fresh fruit, muesli bars and water, followed by rice and butter chicken after the first activity in the program.


Fueling the body after every workout is essential for the muscles to start their recovery process, and it insures that the mind is refueled and ready to focus on the content in store during the workshop.


This fun group of lads was gearing up to head over east for some National Matches so their support staff had selected some relevant topics in their advanced workshop.


After completing their first blindfolded activity, it was quickly established that communication is one of the most important factors in any team sport.


When you mention the word ‘team,’ sometimes athletes don’t realize that extends past just your teammates.  Your whole support system should be included in that definition of team.


From your direct teammates, to coaches, parents, physios, sport science staff, friends, family and teachers. As an athlete, everyone around you, and even some behind the scenes all contribute to you reaching your goals.


This is why communication is so necessary in helping you advance in a positive direction.


As a reminder, it’s always important to have clear, consistent, honest and respectful conversation with ALL members of your TEAM. The best method is always face-to-face, but as we are all aware of, that’s not always possible.


Next best method is phone call, followed by an email or professionally written text message.


Always remember, NO ONE can read your mind.

 Olivia working with the young cricketers in a communications exercise!

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