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A Goal to Look Up To: Rugby WA workshop
9 January 2015
Rugby WA Advanced workshop, 9th January 2015,  Rugby WA.

story by Olivia Vivian
WAIS Gymnast: 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships

I have never worked with Rugby before, but this past weekend was a good time educating and mentoring the Junior Western Force athletes.

It was a more advanced session for these boys and I was rather impressed with their manners and attention to what was going on.

The main topic of the program seemed to be around creating positive role models within themselves.

As all athletes can relate to, we all have people we admire and look up to. But what we tried getting these rugby players thinking about, was how they want to be perceived as when others look up to them.

It’s easy to forget that as an athlete, you are role models to other people. In these juniors case it could mean that younger athletes, brothers/sisters or friends at school look up to them. So it’s important for these lads to establish the image they wish others to see.

Some good tips to write out the qualities that you want other people to picture when they see or hear your name. You may not possess or have these certain qualities YET, but it’s a good way to start obtaining these traits.

Another focus was aligning with social media and what you put out into the open world for everyone to see.

A lot of people think that even if they have their security set to the highest setting, that they are in control of the photos and posts they put up.

WRONG. If you read any terms and conditions properly before agreeing to a certain site or app, you will notice that once you have put anything up, the owners of that application will then possess full rights to whatever you have posted.

Nothing is ever PRIVATE when posted so it’s always a good reminder to the athletes to only publish content that they would be happy for the whole world to see!

Olivia and Jesse staying positive with the Juniors of Rugby WA!

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