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Connections, Corrections and Constant Reminders: Gymnastics WA workshop
24 January 2015


Gymnastics WA Foundation workshop, 24th January 2015,

story by Olivia Vivian
WAIS Gymnast: 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships

I’m so happy Gymnastics WA finally signed up for Developing Champions workshops! The only tricky part is that all of the athletes are at different stages of their development.


Male gymnasts tend to develop quiet a lot later because of their bodies developing later than that of a female. Where’s some of the female gymnasts in the room were already at Senior level at 16/17 years of age and have already competed at the top level competitions of their given disciplines.


But regardless of their level, I was just glad to mentor a sport I fully understand.


Something that applies to all sports and athletes, but I think that these guys will benefit a lot from, is constantly reminding yourself why you’re doing it?


At an elite level, we get into such a repetitive routine, that it’s easy to forget why you set that alarm at 5:00am every morning.  It’s almost as if our bodies are on cruise control mode and we aren’t even thinking about what we’re doing half the time.


This is why a daily or weekly reminder is good to have to keep us motivated and focused on our goals! And over time goals might change, which is fine but either way it's nice to see daily signs of why you do the things you do!


A good tip is to write out your goal and put it somewhere you’ll see it everyday as a reminder. Whether that’s next to your alarm, on your mirror, or as a reminder that pops up on our phones!!


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