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Schedule to Swim: Swimming WA workshop
29 January 2015
Swimming WA Foundation workshop, 29th January 2015

Story by Olivia Vivian
WAIS Gymnast: 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships

After a delayed start due to some participants running late, the swimming Foundation Core workshop got underway.

Fitting in with this minor hiccup, it was handy that time management was one of the topics covered in today's session.

When you’re running late by a couple of minutes, it’s not a big deal. But when it’s 20 minutes or more, not only does it effect those people relying on you, but it can cause unnecessary stress to your daily routine.

This is why time management, and finding ways to make your days and weeks run smoother is such a handy tool to have.

Using planners and diaries eliminated any extra stress and thought you would normally give to wondering what you have to do next.

Once it’s written down on paper, or entered into your phone or tablet, it automatically takes the stress off your brain to constantly be remembering what tasks have to be completed.

Less stress equals more attention you can give to the tasks at hand.

On top of doing a daily/weekly planner, setting reminders for appointments in your phone will help make sure you are on time and constantly be reminded of your commitments. Make sure you set a reminder an hour or two before the actual appointment too! No point in having a reminder pop up at the time of the event, especially if you’re a distance away and can’t make it in time.

A great idea would be to set five-ten minutes aside every Sunday afternoon to quickly just plan out the week. A simple five minutes every week will save you a great amount of time and stress later in the week!

Go to the Managing Me page for lots of resources and templates to help you manage your time (direct link HERE).
OLIVIA VIVIAN in pumped up mode! C'mon guys - you can do it!


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