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The Pathway to Success: Lawn Bowls WA workshop
15 February 2015
Lawn Bowls WA Foundation Core workshop, 15th February 2015, DSR.
story by Olivia Vivian
WAIS Gymnast: 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships

One of my favourite things about mentoring the Developing Champions workshops is learning about all the different sports and the challenges they have to face.

At today's workshop with lawn bowls I learned how hectic their weekly schedule can be and how most of them don’t have set times for training. This can make planning for the week a bit tricky, but not impossible.

Since the majority of them hadn’t done a weekly planner, Amanda and I made them fill one out using colour boxes for each of their weekly and daily commitments. It’s important to make sure they are nice and detailed, right down to meal times and transport.

It was really good to see some of them actually realise how busy they are and on the contrary some had too much free time.

It’s always a good idea to do a weekly planner so you can see what you have coming up this week, plan and prepare for them, and it’s a fantastic way to help relieve some of the stresses that come with disorganisation.

Another helpful section of today's workshop was breaking down a process goal. In terms of improving a sporting skill, imagine if you spent 15 minutes after each training session working on something you needed to improve on. After four sessions that already an extra hour of training, and after four weeks that could mean an extra 4-10 hours depending on your weekly load.

15 minutes each could end up improving your skill level and helping you become closer to your ultimate dream!

GOOD LUCK to all of the Lawn Bowls WA representatives in going on to achieve their ultimate dreams. And may the journey be an enjoyable one!
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