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Preparing the Body & the Mind: Cycling, Canoeing, Rowing workshop
31 January 2015
Canoeing, Rowing, Cycling Advanced Elective workshop
31 January 2015, DSR.

story by Kate Beveridge
WAIS Netball, West Coast Fever player
On a warm and sunny Saturday morning a wonderful bunch of up and coming sporting superstars bundled on into the DSR for their advanced elective Developing Champions workshop. With many of the cyclists having ridden in from Midland my respect for these young athletes was already off to an impressive start.
The engagement and interest showed by the athletes over the 3.5 hr session was fantastic. Amanda Schonfeld (Lead Facilitator) had them up and competing in prone hold and other core exercises, along with getting them to practice visualisation how they prepare for each and every race.
The art of visualisation is extremely powerful and especially after hearing a story from Amanda about the triumph of Olivia Vivian (Australian Gymnast) and her come back from breaking her back in two places and relying solely on visualisation for the two months she was confined to lying flat on her back – this girl is inspirational.
Moving on, Amanda then introduced the athletes on how to ‘brand’ themselves and the positives and negatives of social media. Today’s young athletes have a far wider reaching fan base at a much younger age due to social media and making sure they are aware of the risks of tweeting, instagramming and "Snapchatting” is invaluable. We all know thanks to the likes of Stephanie Rice how quickly reputations can be tarnished and sponsorships lost due to an in appropriate use of 140 characters.
Refer HERE for some very useful tips on safe social media use (from the Australian Federal Police).
The group concentrating hard, but it wasn't all hard work - plenty of fun and useful practice as well!
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