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Having & Becoming ROLE MODELS: Water Polo WA workshop
22 February 2015
Story by Olivia Vivian
WAIS Gymnast: 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships
Today’s workshop with Water Polo reminded me how good some of Australian sporting paths really are. The fact that it was a bunch of selected athletes from a range of different teams show the depth of talent WA has in this sport.
So now that these athletes have been selected to partake in this development program, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to realise just how lucky they are to be under such great management, and to start seeing themselves as leaders and role models in their sport.
For some of today’s participants, you could tell it was the first time they’d thought of themselves as someone others look up to. This is where it becomes a good activity to get them thinking of HOW they wished to be seen and thought of by others.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that other people are always watching you, copying you and judging the way you do things. Whether it’s younger athletes, brothers or sisters or even friends, others are studying you always. So we had these players think to themselves, what might others think of you when they hear your name? This is a great thought for anyone to do because it gives you the option to base your behavior around how you want others to see you.
These athletes have the chance to start acting and portraying themselves in a way in which they wish other people to see them. They, like everyone are in control of their own actions and in reaction, the way they’re perceived by others. If the players got one thing out of today’s session, I hope it’s a stronger thought towards their actions and realization that they themselves are already role models themselves and hold the responsibility to always portray a good image. It’s a good time in their career to start developing their own personal brand.
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