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Henry Sets The Pace in 2010
1 February 2010
January 2010 was a fast start for the GAP, with a total of 6 deliveries in 2 weeks. The pace was set early by WAIS athletics athlete, Jody Henry, who spent some time delivering the GAP to athletes from Rugby WA. Read her story below, as she reflects on her time with the athletes. 
My Time with the GAP

I was invited to attend my first GAP session a couple of Saturdays ago. Without any expectation of what was to come, Tim (the GAP guru) launched into his description of what the Gifted Athlete Program was all about. I guess from the outside looking in, it is a program designed for those who are interested in becoming elite athletes and with that comes the responsibility of your performance of course but also your ability to be a functioning human being as well. It may sound pretty basic but when you’re faced with school/uni commitments, training commitments, social obligations, family, travel all can seem really overwhelming. The GAP is this unique tool to carry with you on your road to becoming an athlete who can do it all.

So back to Saturday...I found myself sharing a room with a bunch of blokes who pretty much like to run at full pelt into one another - rugby is what they call it! I was, and am still astounded by the willingness of these blokes to sit around a table to talk about what an athlete goes through mentally, physically and emotionally to get through training, competition and all the things in between.

Through the GAP, athletes are opened up to the expectations of elite sport. The GAP is not only a program for co-ordinators to tick an administrative box but a program which teaches athletes how to become more efficient with time management, outlines the attributes of becoming a leader, the value of nutrition and how to balance your sporting commitments with your family, friends, education and your own life. For myself, as an elite athlete I had to discover many of the lessons taught to the athletes within the GAP on my own, in real situations. I was not prepped for action and of course learnt through trial and error. As an elite athlete I know that my window of opportunity within the sporting world is limited. If lessons can be taught at 15 or 16 and carried through to your 20’s when the scenarios discussed around a table with your mates become a reality, then your time in sport can be devoted to that - sport!
Jody Henry
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