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Squash Workshop
23 January 2015
Story by Kate Beveridge, West Coast Fever Netball Player
Walking in to Squash World on a rather hot summer’s afternoon it was easy to see how it is Australia’s largest Squash centre. The place was crowded with young players who had embarked on Perth for the Junior WA squash camp. With the Developing Champions session scheduled on the final day of their camp the youngsters put in an impressive effort just to stay away for the duration. They were in the middle of a full day of training, education and games.
The advanced core provided an insightful collection of education around personal pathway and branding, visualisation, superstitions and much more. Kate Bobridge was a hit with a hilarious video of Novak Djokovic impersonating an array of other tennis stars. It was great to see the cogs starting to turn on the youngsters as it became apparent just how easy it is to be known for your actions and superstitions as much as your sporting ability.
It was evident that today’s session was the first time many had heard about the art of visualisation and just how important it along with other mental exercises are. We spoke in length about how many hours athletes put into preparing their body physically and just how little some put into preparing themselves mentally – even though all recognised after the session that they are both as useful and powerful as each other.   I’m positive all athletes would have walked away with a clear understanding of just how important it mental preparation is.

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