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Yachting Workshop: Sailing with Direction
21 February 2015
Story by Olivia Vivian, Olympic Gymnast
Today’s workshop with yachting was interesting to work with; because it’s not exactly a high media profile sport, yet it’s extremely competitive and tough to grab those few Australian selection spots. That’s a good reason to why these athletes need to remain focused with their eye on the prize if they really want to grab one of those spots.
First and foremost you need to establish what your goals are, and there’s never an incorrect answer. There are so many motivations behind an athlete doing a particular sport and they are all acceptable and important in the delegation to time you spend.  
If the goal is to be Australia’s best and one day represent your country at a high level race, then I can confirm that you need to have your goals well known by the support groups around you, and an accountability partner to help you stay on track. One of the focal points in a foundation workshop is making sure each athlete starts becoming aware of their ideal mental state that allows them to perform at their best.  
This is why I found yachting so interesting because the range was so large for their optimal performance state. Some liked to be amped up, nervous, anxious and energetic, where’s a large group preferred being relaxed, calm and positive.  
It was good to see the range and it’s more important that these athletes start understanding what works for them. Once they know, then the tricks come in play to help them reach that mental state every single race in order to constantly produce good results.
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