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Volleyball workshop: Creating Your Own High Performance Machine (Body)
14 April 2015
Story by Katherine Downie, Paralympic Swimmer 
Today Kate Bobridge and I worked with a young group of Volleyball players and on the importance of nutrition and body management. I found the group to be very polite and interacted with the workshop, myself and Kate.  
The nutrition workshop was a foundation course and was basic enough for the youths who don't really cook for themselves yet but are mature enough to make snacks and sandwiches etc. I felt like this section of the course was super helpful and easy to understand, it's also very relatable because all athletes like food!  
It was interesting to note how many of the athletes began drinking water as soon as Kate started talking about hydration. I admit I struggle with water drinking so I found this section to actually help me to understand the dangers and signs of dehydration!
We had a short break before commencing Body Management. Kids being kids, it was hard to get them to concentrate but luckily this course was interesting from the two ends of different sports: Swimming and Volleyball. Body management is all about injury prevention, rehabilitation and recovery. Volleyball players have specific areas that are more likely to get injured and the players showed great maturity when discussing the importance of injury prevention. It was interesting to discuss the differences between the sports, including our recovery processes, team processes and injury management.
To conclude we asked the players if they had enjoyed the workshop and if they had taken away anything special from their experience. It was satisfying to know that they all payed attention and enjoyed themselves. I think it was a really great and successful workshop, with wonderfully polite kids and great content.
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