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SWAS workshop: Small Steps to Big Time Success
1 August 2015
Foundation core workshop, South West Academy of Sport (SWAS), Bunbury - 1st August 2015.

Story by Brad Scott, WAIS Athlete; Paralympic runner – 800m & 1500m

As a product of our State’s South West, I constantly venture down to Bunbury, The place to BE! Usually to visit family and friends, but this time I was much more excited. I had the opportunity to help educate young superstars with Caroline Gibbney (Lead Facilitator) at the South West Sports Centre.
All these athletes are supported by the South West Academy of Sport (so you know that they are good!), who help regional South West athletes work towards their sporting goals. Usually these sessions would contain athletes from one or two sports. Not this time, we had athletes from; Athletics, Aussie Rules, Cricket, Hockey and Golf.  
As it was the first time for most, we started them off with an introduction into how this program will assist with their development in sport and life. This became apparent once the discussion started about the hours required for sport, school, homework, social time and sleep. The athletes soon realised that to keep everything under control, a plan is required. As the ability to balanced lifestyle is a key attribute most, if not all, successful athletes have in common. And yes, they plan it!
The other gem that I took out of this session was, Goal Setting. It was great to see that all the athletes aimed high. However, as they soon realised, the end point isn’t the hard part. It’s identifying what the specific requirements (or checkpoints) are to achieve their chosen goals. These can range from school competitions, all the way through to International representation. Because goals are much more likely to be achieved if they are written down, we spent most of the session delving into their goals and then putting them onto paper.
My favourite moment of the day was during the intermission, we played quoits!! Not overly exciting I know. But this was different, we attempted trick shots. Now I couldn’t hit the target to save my life. However… just as everyone was watching and the pressure was on. I somehow made this quoit bend around someone standing between the target and I like a Glenn McGrath swinger and caught enough of the target for it to stay on. The crowd erupted!! (No they didn’t – I wish!) So obviously that was my last shot and I ended my quoits career on that.  
I loved this session, as it was close to my heart. As the session involved athletes from multiple sports, I believed that I would need to become highly adaptive with my delivery, depending on which sport was at question. However, I was wrong. The principles taught through the Developing Champions sessions are themselves, completely versatile. They underpin the foundation required by any athlete wanting to achieve greatness. Whilst still allowing the athlete to individualise their development by prioritizing their own personal goals. I implore any young aspiring athlete to get involved with Developing Champions.
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