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Preparing for Success in Women's Footy
31 October 2015
FEMALE AFL, Foundation Core workshop 31 October 2015, All Saints College
story by Jaime Roberts: WAIS & Canoeing Australia athlete (K4 500m; K2 200m; K1 500m), World Cup representative
What an amazing bunch of young female athletes in a rapidly expanding sport!! I was ASTOUNDED by how quickly Women’s AFL has grown over the last few years, after "having-a-go” myself at WAWFL for West Perth Falcons in 2008… Currently there are 284,000 females registered playing AFL with a National League sent to start in 2017!!
It was so awesome to see such a young group of talent be so enthusiastic about developing their mental skills, nutrition habits and lifestyle balance, in order to help them achieve their goals. Kate (Lead Facilitator) and I spoke about the importance of routine and being prepared for both training sessions and game day. Using examples from kayaking of ways in which we maximise our performance on the water, as we only have one chance to make it count, the girls developed an understanding of how important physical and mental preparation is to their performance as individuals and a team.
The concept of mental preparation before and during a game seemed to click well with the young girls as they understood the power that the brain has over their performance. Some of the techniques spoken about were mental imagery and identifying ways to reduce stress. Here there were many stories discussed about the ways in which the girls handle pre-game nerves. By understanding whether they were classed as the "hyper” bunch or the "chilled-out” bunch, they could determine what activities would be best to perform before a game.
Recently the WAIS Kayak team went to a Breathing Enhancement course taken by Nam Baldwin. After explaining ways in which we are now implementing breathing techniques into our training regime to reduce stress, the girls understood that there is a lot more to the world of elite sport than they first thought and they were super keen to learn more about everything and anything Kate and I discussed.
Thank you to Alison Moore, the coaches and especially the awesome chicks for having me. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours of becoming professional AFL players!

Please also click HERE to check out the news story on the WA football Commission's website. Thanks to Alison Moore and the WAFC for getting this published!
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