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In the Mix with Cycling
7 November 2015


CYCLING (Track, Road, Mountain Bike, BMX), Foundation Elective workshop

8 July 2015, Department of Sport and Recreation – Leederville

story by Trent Mitton: WAIS Athlete, Hockey Australia (Kookaburras) athlete, Commonwealth Games, World Cup representative

There was a mixture of very talented cyclists that met lead facilitator Amanda and myself this past Saturday November 7th at the department of sport and recreation in Leederville.

The group consisted of track and road cyclists, mountain bikers and BMX specialists. Although similar in many aspects, the differences between the disciplines made the seminar really interesting. Both Amanda and I learnt a lot about each respective sport. The three areas we focused on for this session were Nutrition, Managing My Body, and Mental skills.

It was clear early on that this group was already well versed on the topics discussed. The group was especially knowledgeable on both the Nutrition and Managing My Body topics. They understood what was required to be an athlete at the highest level. For example, the group discussed the correct protocol for the best possible recovery after a race, the most beneficial foods and a warm down that would help them back up for another race.

Credit must go to both the heads of each classification, as they are reinforcing the lessons we teach at the Developing Champions workshops and most importantly to the cyclists themselves. This group of athletes is keen to learn and it is inspiring to see them remember and put into practice what we teach at the workshops.

The final session of the day focused on mental skills and how these skills can be used to maximise performance. The young cyclists learnt about developing a routine, controlling the controllables and how to use relaxation techniques to calm down before an event during this session. As a group we practiced closing our eyes and centering ourselves as a way to focus on the task at hand and to block out everything else. This skill is especially important for both the mountain bike and BMX disciplines where there are so many variables and the race can often be chaotic.

The group of cyclists expanded their knowledge in a lot of areas and again learnt a lot about what it takes to compete at the highest level for the chosen sport. They all had a great attitude, which made the workshop extremely enjoyable for both Amanda and myself.

Trent and his Kookaburra teammates won the World League recently. Woohoo!!!
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