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Serious Lessons (and Fun!) with Synchro
20 November 2015



SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING, Advanced Core workshop

20 November 2015, Department of Sport and Recreation

story by Jaime Roberts: WAIS & Canoeing Australia athlete (K4500m; K2200m; K1 500m), World Cup representative


Last month I had the pleasure of teaching some young talented Synchronised ‘synchro’ Swimmers about life balance and managing stress. Little did I know I would actually learn a lot about synchro swimming myself!

Fun Fact 1: There is a very long technical process involved to prepare your hair for a competition. Pony tails, braids, bobby pins, lackies, paint brush and gelatine are among a few of the items needed!

The girls were very enthusiastic and open about improving their performances in both the training and competition environment. A key subject that the girls identified being most important was managing their stress going into competitions. The majority of the girls thought they were Type A personalities- being very talkative, highly stressed and enjoy achieving goals. Together we identified ways to help relax the girls around competitions by using music or reading.

Fun Fact 2: "Dead Salmon” is not a synchronised swimming acrobatic move.

Using my day-to-day experiences I was able to stress the importance of having good time management skills. I spoke about how to structure out your day and include everything from training, work, nutrition timing and sleep. Program Lead Facilitator Deanna also explained different ways of recording tasks or events on your phone to keep track of your days.

Fun Fact 3: Water Ballet was founded by Australian Born actor and swimmer Annette Kellerman.


Good luck to all the girls for the rest of their endeavours in and off the water.

I’ll keep working on my synchro posing stance =)

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