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Many Fields of Success: Rugby WA workshop
15 December 2015


RUGBY, Foundation Core workshop: 15 June, Rugby WA

story by Olivia Vivian, Gymnast, 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships

Team sports are such a blast to teach. They have a special bond and energy level that kicks off any workshop.

The rugby players shined from the get go with fabulous ideas of what a champion is. They didn’t just mention winning, medals and gold, their descriptions branched much further - with examples like resilience, dedication and a humble nature. One example even included their personal names on the sheet.

It’s positive thoughts and perspective like this that builds the character needed to succeed at the top.

It’s very apparent that these young lads all have big dreams and their priorities lie within the sport of rugby.

Given that they’re all within the ages of 13-15 it was also important to emphasise the need for school and study.

Priorities will the influence where someone will spend most of their time, so when it comes to students of this age, with such tunnel vision goals, it’s necessary to stress the idea of balance.

Not only is balance good for mental stress, but it will give you a well rounded education of both sport, work and study.

It’s important for ALL up and coming athletes to remember that sport doesn’t necessarily last for ever, so it’s always handy to have study or work on the side to support life during and after sport.

Of course we wish you continued success in rugby – but also lots of other life areas as well!

Go get ‘em guys!

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