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Firing Towards Olympic Success in Canoeing & Triathlon
12 December 2015

CANOEING & TRIATHLON, Foundation Core workshop; 12 December 2015

Ascot Kayak Club

story by Olivia Vivian, Gymnast, 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships


It’s incredibly interesting when we get a mixture of sports together for a workshop. It’s fair to say that each sports has it’s own dynamics and techniques that are only known and understood in that sport. But despite the differences, there are also similarities that all athletes share.

I think one of my highlights from this workshop was the range of reasons we’re all motivated to do our chosen sports.

For both Triathlon and Canoe/Kayak, the Olympics are one of the top competitions and a common goal among us all.

What was interesting were the different motivators to help fuel the fire towards the end target.

Personally I had to see a visual motivator to constantly remind myself what all the hard work and effort was leading towards. For example I planted the Olympic rings on my ceiling and next to my alarms to give reason to the ridiculous hours the alarm went off.

Other motivators could be your family, friends, teammates and idols in your sport.

What’s most important is to constantly keep reminding yourself of the reasons you do what you do. An athlete’s life can get very routine-based and tedious so it’s crucial to motivate your everyday actions.

Good luck with getting chasing those goals!

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