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GAP: Staying Professional Despite Disappointment
12 February 2010
Sunday January 31, I ventured out to Ray Owens Sport Centre and took part with a group of aspiring netball girls to share with them advice and my experiences on four key life skills areas: body, time management, nutrition and sporting pathways. It was great to see these girls attend this session as they had missed out on a team selection the previous day. Their presence alone showed me that they had a willingness to succeed even in the face of failure! This to me, is a strong attribute to possess as an athlete and in my opinion will help those who want to excel, push their own boundaries and reach their own goals sooner.
Nutrition for the girls was definitely one of the hotly contested areas of discussion. This topic was introduced straight after a snack break and looking around the room some interesting choices were made at the cafe. The girls really took interest in evaluating their food choices and weighing up how beneficial their snacks would be to them as a recovery food. Remembering back when I was their age in sport I did not fully understand the importance of eating healthy for sport and the benefits you can gain from doing so. Ideally, if you can understand how to read a few nutrition labels and the energy levels required for your sport on a given day then I think you are on your way to being a better athlete.
We finished off the day discussing different career pathways the girls could take in relation to netball. It was a "where to now” approach that really got them thinking about how they could reach their next goal and ultimately where they wanted to go with their netball careers. It is always hard to think about the next goal when you may not have achieved the current one, such as selection to a team. But, as we all identified, these setbacks are mere obstacles that are there to make you stronger and separate the good athletes from the great ones. As a group we concluded that knowing where you want to go, can certainly make the path clearer and thus goals more achievable.
Tina Tanrikulu
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