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Animal Therapy - Stress in Equestrian
19 January 2016
EQUESTRIAN: Advanced Core Workshop
19 January 2016, State Equestrian Center
Story by Jaime Roberts, WAIS and Canoeing Australia Athlete
The sport of Equestrian is like no other sport I have experienced before. Among the different events such as vaulting and dressage, the athletes have to spend a lot of time with their horse (or even horses) to not only train, but feed, condition and even massage! Its a lifestyle developed from a young age, not just a sport, with most of these girls sacrificing social time with friends, to train on horses on their properties.

A lot of stress is developed both in the training and competition ring for these Equestrian athletes. The girls highlighted that coaches, family, other athletes, their horse and themselves as key areas where large amount of stress is associated. This workshop was geared towards finding ways in which the girls could manage, sometimes eliminate, key stress areas and develop a pathway for their journey to the top of the World Stage in Equestrian.

Not only did these girls learn a lot about stress management techniques, such as relaxation breathing and forward planning, but I also learnt that their passion, care and determination they had for their horses and sport is second to none.

I wish all the girls the best of luck in their future endeavours.


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