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Athletics, pasta and marshmallows
9 January 2016

ATHLETICS; Advanced Elective workshop

9th January 2016, Athletics WA 

story by Brad Scott: WAIS & Athletics Australia athlete, Paralympic Games 800m, 1500m runner.

This was a first for me, teaming up with Australian Kayaking extraordinaire, Jesse Phillips. And I finally had the opportunity to mentor athletes from my own sport, athletics. Not that I have favourites or anything.

The athletes from the Athletics WA’s Target Talent Program are experienced Developing Champions participants, and today was their final electives workshop. The main focuses were ‘Communication’ and ‘A Positive Me’.  Personally, as someone who is constantly trying to improve my communication and mindset, I really take a lot out of these sessions.

As we like to have fun, athletes were asked to don the hats of architects and builders and they were given a task to construct skyscrapers… with marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti. In teams of three, using the communication skills developed earlier, they managed to construct different versions of the ‘leaning tower of pasta’. They winners tower measured approximately 60cm tall. Not a bad effort in 10 mins, I must say.

We also spoke about what types of people we identify as role models, focusing on their attributes and the way they conduct themselves in society. There was an emphasis on social media and the way it can be used in both positive and negative ways.  Once the athletes identified how someone acts as a role model, they reflected on their own behavior to understand how their action can influence the younger athletes. It was a great response when these developing athletes realized that they themselves were role models.

Most of these athletes are coming of the age where they will be stepping into the senior ranks in the coming years. The skills and attributes that they have acquired during their time in the Developing Champions Program will assist them greatly in their pursuit of success on the track and field.

All the best Athletes!

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