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Defining Champions with Champion Footballers
15 March 2016

Football West: Foundation Core Workshop

15 March 2016, Gibney Reserve
Story by Jaime Roberts, WAIS and Canoeing Australia Athlete


On Tuesday 15th March myself and Jesse Phillips introduced the u19 Football West women's team to the Developing Champions workshops. We were both highly impressed by both their attention and involvement in the first Core workshop.

The first half of the workshops was about what it means to be a champion. In small group the girls drew and wrote down their own views about what a champion means. It was great to see some very intellectual answers, which shows their maturity in life and sport.

The girls took away some great information about dealing with stress and how to maximize the most out of their time as an athlete. This will be quiet beneficial as they get older and transition into university studies and elite athlete life.

I can't wait to see these future champions in years to come playing for the Green and Gold 💪⚽💪⚽💪⚽💪


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