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Synchronised Swimmers Show Mental Strength
13 May 2016

Synchronised Swimming: Advanced Elective Workshop

13 May 2016, DSR, WA

Story by Kat Downie, Swimmer, 2012 Paralympics 


It was a great workshop with the Synchronised Swimming Girls from WA Synchro on Friday the 13th. Garry Moss and I were helping the young group of Athletes work through the importance of Routine, Nutrition and body management. The athletes were very professional and showed profound interest in the program.


I have always admired synchronised swimming as it shares a lot of similarities with my own sport, pool swimming. Despite the similarities it was good to understand the differences between our sports and to listen to the dedicated young athletes.


My favourite parts of the workshop were the integrated exercises. The athletes were asked about their physical and mental routines and then they were asked to act them out in groups of two or three. Later there was a fierce planking competition where Garry and I saw the true meaning of team work when some athletes would call a truce across the room and drop together. It came down to the last athlete planking for a solid 6 minutes!


All in all this was a very successful workshop, with lovely attentive athletes and great coaches. Thanks to the Department of Sport and Recreation for allowing us to make use of their meeting rooms.

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