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11 June 2016

West Cycle and BMX Sports WA: Advanced Core Workshop

11 June 2016, Western Australian Institute of Sport
Story by Jaime Roberts, WAIS and Canoeing Australia Athlete   
It was a special workshop for these emerging talents in various cycling disciplines as they had the chance to view the WAIS High Performance Centre through-out the afternoon. It was great to see their enthusiasm and energy, especially during free time in the gym where they tried something different from the watt bikes… after 10 mins on the watt bikes!

We had a variety of cycling disciplines including Mountain Bike, BMX, Track and Road cycling. It was quite interesting to see how different the athletes are across the different disciplines, but how they all came together to learn key skills in how to become better athletes.

Amanda and myself spent the majority of the workshops speaking about stress and different approaches of how to reduce it. Specifically we covered how the simplest of tasks can become very complex under the stress of exercise and pressure to succeed. I hope the athletes can use what they have learned to improve themselves both during training and racing.


I would like to wish the athletes the best in their career in cycling, but also in life, as they all have very exciting futures ahead!

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