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12 June 2016

Stage 3 Intensive Servicing Workshop

12 May 2016, Western Australian Institute of Sport
Story by Olivia Vivian, Gymnast, 2008 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games, multiple World Championships  

What do you do when it’s cold and wet outside… well you come along to an intensive servicing workshop of course!

Sunday the 12th of June, a selective group of specially chosen athletes made their way down to the WAIS building to partake in a workshop alongside their mentors.


These opportunities for one on one pairing are incredibly special and it’s a huge honour to be included in such a process. The mentors not only have incredible sporting experience and knowledge, but what makes this group special is they are all involved in numerous projects and studies outside of their sport too.

 That being said, this one on one relationship has to be mutual on both ends in order for the athlete to get maximum benefit out of it. A give and take must be present in order for the mentor to get a really good understanding of their athlete’s scenario, then offer their suggestions and long list of personal experience to help provide another pathway to success that may have never existed before.

The session wasn’t all mentoring sessions either; we were all paid a visit by WAIS dietitian Emily Eaton For athletes that hadn’t ever been to a dietitian, I’m sure this was a fun, eye-opening treat!


Emily was brilliant in the way she had us all engage in her knowledge testing activities. Not only did she point out the major food groups athletes should be in taking each day, but she gave a new perspective of nutrient filled foods. When looking at carbs and energy in food, Emily gave a brilliant phrase to highlight the foods that have more benefit for your body. 

For example when you’re eating something like a snake or rice crackers, they only contain one nutrient, whether that be sugar or carbs. But when you chose something like yogurt or almonds, you’re not only getting the same energy, but you consume calcium, good fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, protein etc. She calls it ‘More bang for your buck!’

Another helpful tip was for each main meal; try to have three different food groups in there. For example breakfast; Muesli, fruit and yogurt; you have your carbs, fruit and dairy. Or you could go toast with beans and mushrooms; you’ve got your carbs, protein and vegetables. It’s a fun little meal-planning puzzle!

 All in all the nutrition session was very interactive, resourceful and enjoyable so it was the perfect end to the workshop. Personally I’ve been to 10’s of nutritional sessions, and Emily’s was by far the most fun and informative. I really hope the athletes walked away with some useful knowledge from that and have a better understanding of how fortunate they are. Very select few are chosen for these intensive workshops, so they should be proud of themselves and at the same time aware that it's now up to them to apply this knowledge to their own daily lives and sporting goals.

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