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Blisters Are Really Stressful
4 July 2016


Netball WA U15 Schoolgirls: Foundation Core Workshop

4 July 2016, State Netball Centre
Story by Jaime Roberts, WAIS and Canoeing Australia Athlete 


Running Developing Champions workshops are so valuable and informative for the young athletes that participate, but also they are rewarding and fulfilling for us presenters. Sometimes as elite athletes we get caught up in our "bubble” and forget the simple things. That is until you meet such inspiring and youthful athletes!

I am really thankful to be given this opportunity over almost the last year. Not only do you get the chance to teach aspiring athletes and share your experiences, but you also have fun and brings you back to where it all started…. Not that long ago for me!

Jesse and I ran the FOUNDATIONS for my success workshop for the u15 WA State Netball School Girls squad at the fantastic new Matthews Netball Centre facility. The workshop had 14 girls from all over the state- even Bridgetown! We covered the importance of life balance, mental stressors, time management, short and long term stressors- where apparently Blisters are really quiet stressful for a Netballer….. pack your Band-Aids girls!

The team coherence and positive energy was evident from the start of the workshop. Along with this strong foundation and the skills the girls learnt today I believe the sky is the limit. I wish the girls and the coaching staff the very best when they compete in Adelaide at the National Champs next month.

Below is one of the best versions of planning My Ultimate Sporting Dream I have ever seen! Nailed the process and hopefully will be able to apply this to a bigger goal… or is walking her ultimate goal???? We will never know!


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