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Athletics Athletes Aiming High
10 September 2016

Athletics WA: Foundations for My Success Workshop

10 December 2016, WAIS
Story by Jaime Roberts, WAIS and Canoeing Australia Athlete
On Saturday, Deanna and I had the opportunity to introduce a select group of young talented Athletics athletes to the Developing Champion workshops.  The new Foundation workshop included time management, integrity and goal setting tasks.

It was fantastic to see the group be so engaged and participate in all tasks.  It was also great to see the athletes stepping out of their comfort zones and working with other athletes from different disciplines.  Athletes had the chance to plan out their week, where they quickly found they had very little time for anything else but eat, sleep, train and school/ work.  

A key takeaway message was that as athletes we have a special gift and it is because of this that we make choices and not sacrifices!

Enjoy your journey!

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