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20 October 2016

Story by Maia Simmonds, World Championship and World Cup Australian Rowing Team representative

It was fantastic for both Amanda and myself to be out at the State Softball Complex at Mirrabooka on Thursday night. Both being ex-Softball players, the prime viewing location between the diamonds whilst the state teams trained hard, was a great chance to see these talented Softballers displaying their skills.


There was a great turnout of dedicated parents of the age group Boys and Girls State Softball teams. As an athlete I am so aware of the invaluable part in an athlete’s life that the parents play and to see so many parents taking the time to learn more about how to assist and support their children beyond the large role they are already playing was wonderful.  


We began by discussing the challenges of supporting your athlete during games and particularly on the ever-important car trip home. Balancing your emotions and passion for your child’s performance with their emotional needs is a challenge for every dedicated parent. As an athlete I know we can be challenging to support during the highs and lows but that knowing there is unwavering love to call on whenever I am ready to talk is the support and security I need.


We went on to discuss the difficulties and importance around managing to stay on top of the ever changing rules around medications. While the responsibility ultimately lies with the athlete having switched on people around you with the right information is a fantastic support.  


Lastly we discussed Nutrition. A topic close to my heart as a lightweight (and food lover!) and knowing the value and benefit to your performance of getting it right, it was great to be able to talk this over with such an engaged group. Softball tournaments can have long days with multiple games so being organised and staying fueled over long periods of time is challenging but vital. Hopefully with the help of their knowledgeable parents some of these talented athletes can feel faster, stronger and more switched on later in the long summer days of tournaments.


Thanks so much to Softball for having us, it was eye opening for me to see the commitment and passion of so many parents. You Softballers are lucky. Good luck to all the WA State Teams, I hope you take it to the rest of Australia!

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